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The Paleontologist's Daughter

The Paleontologist’s Daughter by Katharine L. McKenna is a fascinating, high-spirited and charming memoir about growing up with one of the world’s preeminent paleontologists, Malcolm C. McKenna. What an extraordinary life story it tells—of fascinating adventures and fossil expeditions to Mongolia, the Grand Canyon, Easter Island, Navajo Mountain, and many other remote locales. Along the way we meet a host of interesting people, including other famous scientists, such as George Gaylord Simpson and Ned Colbert. This is a book not just for those with an interest in paleontology and natural history, but for anyone who loves exploration and adventure. I highly recommend it. 

—Douglas Preston, Best-selling New York Times author


Soon to be published...

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The daughter of one of the most renowned paleontologists of our time, Malcolm Carnegie McKenna, Katharine L. McKenna ‘s memoir of growing up on expeditions is a riveting account of a unique childhood filled with adventure. From the moment she discovers a dinosaur tooth through a near-drowning on the Colorado River to playing among the giant stone heads of Easter Island, finding rare weavings among the Navajo and ending with a forbidden night visit to a crypt in a Mexican pyramid, her life has been filled with wonder. She writes beautifully of her inner world as well, and her fascination with the ‘hidden’ as she explores the ancient world through fossils and uncovers her own secrets. A thrilling change from so many angst-filled personal histories, Katharine L. McKenna takes the reader on her enthralling journey.

Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of the memoir, Sleeping Arrangements.

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